Stand Alone
Villas In Goa

With a focus on Privacy & large outdoor spaces

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When Prashant & Ayesha moved to Goa (from Gurgaon) in 2018, they did so because their daughter developed breathing issues. This was how they started The Penthouse Boutique LLP or 'TPB'. They had no experience in real estate. Their backgrounds were in law, communications and branding.

TPB is a brokerage firm that set out with the goal of showcasing Goa's best luxury homes through social media. It is currently one of Goa's most recognized brands with over Rs. 100 crore worth of homes sold and over 26,000 followers on Instagram.

So, we have been brokers in Goa for over 4 years. That's a long time! And in our 4 years, even though it sounds cliche, we realized that builders were not building what buyers wanted. The result? Buyers going back unsatisfied or compromising for something that was 'less than'.

Long story short, as entrepreneurs who aren't good at following the crowd, we wanted to do something different. To this end, we've been working on our dream of building our own homes in Goa. Privado Homes is our dream come true.


Privacy through nature is our core value and guides our design.


Stand Alone Homes

We don't do row houses or gated communities. With Privado it's one plot, one house.


Large Open Spaces

Homes are more than concrete. Expect large swimming pool and garden areas.


Cutting Edge Design

Our homes will not 'remind you' of anything you've seen in Goa.



Landscaping is crucial to our homes. Not just for natural beauty but to achieve privacy.

The Japanese have an amazing way of describing a beautiful thing in one word where English would need a sentence. The word 'Komorebi' refers to the sight of rays of sunlight piercing through leaves and trees. You can't blame us for the cultural appropriation! Imaging the branding if we were to try this in English!

Villa Komorebi is our maiden voyage as developers. It is a beautiful modern tropical villa that takes inspiration from Bali as well as Goa. 

The Villa features 4 bedrooms, a sunken lounge, a 44 ft swimming pool with a jacuzzi and a staff room. It also has a terrace for the cooler months when you'd like to sit out and enjoy an evening drink or a morning coffee. 

Whether you're looking for an investment or a home to live in, this home ticks all the right boxes. 

 Plot Size

535 SQM


4 bedrooms plus a staff room


Modern Tropical: Inspired by Bali and adapted to Goa

 Super Built Area

4400 SQFT

 Pool Size

44ft long with jacuzzi and pool side bar

We're still keeping our project details under wraps as our first villa is not available for sale just yet. However, if you'd like to be the first to know, please fill the form and we'll add you to our mailing list.